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The Weidner Method tells the true story of one man's fight for justice in a judicial system that is corrupt from top to bottom. It covers the years approximately from 1988-2001 when Roger Weidner was retained to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the multi-million dollar Kettleberg estate.

Roger Weidner (b. June 1, 1938) of Portland, OR, is an attorney and former prosecutor of Multnomah County, OR.

The Weidner Method is not a manual, it's the story of what happened to Roger in his pursuit of justice for his client, Janette Kent, the sole heiress of the Kettleberg estate. Consequently, he formulated a 'method' for pursuing a case in a corrupt judicial system.

If you choose to skip to the chase (see the actual method right away) go to the end of the book and read "Summary of Tactics and Strategy."

The Weidner Method has been free online since March 2002. This website however is new, as of May 2015. The Weidner Method is now downloadable, free, as a pdf.

The Weidner Method

I, H. Hammond, have never made a single cent from the production of this book. Indeed, it cost me a few thousand dollars, 6+ years of research and 8 months of work, to produce it. It was a lot of fun to do, and a little bit scarey.

The Weidner Method was written from my interviews with Roger, which I recorded then transcribed. Roger co-operated with me throughout and commended me for disrupting my life to get the word out.

I read the entire book to Roger in the car (to make sure the facts were correct) on the campaign trail, when he was running for governor of Oregon in 2002.


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